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Not your typical wiener. Never were, never will be.  All purchases come with free napkins!  You might need them.


Nom Nom Nom!

Typical Wieners

For those still testing the waters.

Plain Jane

All beef frank, ketchup, mustard, sweet relish, and choice of grilled or raw onions. All served on a King's Hawaiian Roll Bun.

Not Your Typical Wieners

For those with a more adventurous palette.


All beef frank topped with grilled onions, avocado, Japanese mayo, homemade teriyaki sauce, furikake, and bacon bits. Served on King's Hawaiian roll buns.

Furi Dog

The "Furry" Dog Spicy cajun pork link topped with grilled onions, spicy Japanese mayo, homemade teriyaki sauce, furikake seasoning, and kizami nori strips. Served on a King's Hawaiian roll bun.

Yaki Dog

Spicy cajun pork link topped with yakisoba noodles (noodles, bean sprouts, cabbage, green onions), okonomi sauce, ao nori, and red ginger. Served on a King's Hawaiian roll bun.

LA Street Dog

Bacon wrapped all beef frank, roasted jalapeno aioli, mustard, grilled peppers and onions, bacon bits served on a Kings Hawaiian Bun

Ball Park Dog

All beef frank topped with homemade chili, mild cheddar cheese with your choice of raw or grilled onions served on a Kings Hawaiian Bun


All beef frank, american cheese, raw onions, thousand island dressing, shaved lettuce, house pickles, toasted sesame seeds

Dreuben Dog (Seasonal)

Beef frank, Thousand Island Dressing, homemade pastrami and peppers, served on a King's Hawaiian bun

Upgrade Your Wiener!

Because you can always make it better!

Odds and Ends

Bacon bits, cheese, avocado, etc available

Spicy Pork Hot Link

Turn your all beef frank into a spicy pork hot link!

Veggie Link

Turn any dog into a veggie dog. Soy based link that even carnivores can't resist!

Fried Egg

Add a fried egg to accompany your wiener!


We're not taking sides, but maybe you should!

Garlic Fries

Family style fries seasoned with parmesan cheese and freshly minced garlic (never, ever garlic powder!). Garnished with ao nori.

Plain Fries

Family style serving of lightly salted fries.

Cajun Fries

Family style fries seasoned with "hot" cajun spices

Furi Fries

Family style of fries topped with, a diced spicy cajun link, grilled onions, spicy jayo, teriyaki, roasted seaweed strips, togarashi and furikake

Ball Park Fries

Family style fries topped with homemade beef chili, cheddar cheese, raw or grilled onions with more cheddar


Who doesn't want a nice, cold, tasty beverage?


Variety of sodas to choose from, served in futuristic aluminum cans. OK, they're not really futuristic.

Bottled Water

Nothing fancy. Just good ole H2O!

Make It a Combo!

Wieners need friends, too!

Sidekick of Fries

An individual side of plain fries or garlic fries to accompany a dog of your choice.

Sidekick of Fries & Drink

Add a side order of fries with soda pop or bottled water to a dog of your choice

What's On My Wiener?

You've got questions, we've got answers. • FURIKAKE = Japanese Seasoning consisting of sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, salt, and sugar • JAYO = Japanese Mayonnaise • OKONOMI SAUCE = Tangy Japanese BBQ Sauce • NORI = Roasted Seaweed Strips • AO NORI = Ground Seaweed • DOGZILLA = NOT YOUR TYPICAL WIENER!!!!

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